Easy Way To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time And 1000 Subscribers Quickly

Hi guys, today I want to share with you how can you get 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers quickly and genuinely. There are different legal techniques for monetizing YouTube channel.

First, we will focus on how to get 4000 hours watch-time. You should analyze the content and know how much time is 4000 hours.

Get 4000 Hours Watch Time And 1000 Subscribers
Easy Way To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time And 1000 Subscribers Quickly

Let me give you an example,

“While creating a video you must create in such a way that the video isn’t boring and the viewers aren’t distracted while watching your video.”

Let’s suppose, you created a great video and all viewers watched your video for 5 minutes in average then, If you got a total of 50 thousand views. It means you got a total of 250 thousand views (250K Views). That is more than 4000 hours.

Let’s think it differently, create 10 videos a month and if only 5 thousand people watch your video for five minutes then also you got 4000 hours watch time. (4K Hours Watch Time)

We will discuss it soon. Now you knew “how much time is 4000 hours watch time”. let’s talk about some few ideas to rank videos on YouTube.

Engage your Audience 

Engaging audience is very hard if you don’t publish amazing and unique contents. so, always create unique and helpful contents to your audience. if you have news channel then, you must focus on Trending topics in the time of beginning. I have mentioned below that 5 ways to engage audience quickly.

  1. Focus on Trending Topics :

Always focus on trending topics. You should create a video about recent trending topics. Let’s suppose you have a technology channel and a new phone is launched. You should try to be first to record that and publish about its unboxing and first impression. People are always trying to know about new things so, it helps you to get more watch time.

Use a website like Google Trends to discover the trends in your niche.

  1. Collaborate With Other Successful YouTube Channels :

If you know any friend or person who has an established YouTube channel, you should always try to collaborate with them. You can use their tags and get more traffics. After you collaborate you will expand your audience, you will get more views and you will get more watch hours.

  1. Create Reaction Videos Of Other YouTube Channels :

Try considering reacting other YouTube channels. Always remember to point your view and opinion about them. Think about the greatest mysteries and react to the credibility of that mystery. React to any character of a popular TV show.

  1. Create Funny Videos :

Everyone likes funny videos. Create funny videos and publish on YouTube. Remember to request any lady friend to work with you for funny videos.

  1. Create a Vlog :

Consider recording Vlog for an adventurous moment. Record Vlog when you visit a new place. Consider people’s interest and record Vlog about that. Some examples are what’s inside mecca, what’s inside Taj Mahal, etc.

Let’s know to get more watch hours.

How To Get More Watch Hours

following tips are most common and successful way to increase watch time soon. not only 4000 hours watch time you can get more and more watch time if you use these following tips.

  1. Use Social Media :

Remember there is heavy traffic on social media. You should never forget to share your videos on social media. When you share your content on social media you will be able to expand the audience and if the quality of your video is great they will watch your videos. I recommend you to share your all video on Public facebook group. Before you share you can disable embedding option on your video. After disabling embedding feature then its give you more benefits to show your attractive big thumbnail on facebook . its mean facebook member can see your post easily and they will get Click your video and you will get views, watch time, subscribers, likes, comment and share quickly.

  1. Request Other YouTubers To Share Your Videos On Community Tab :

If you have a relationship with other YouTubers you can request them to add your video on their channel home page which helps get more watch time. You can build relationships with other YouTubers to grow your community.

  1. Use End Screen :

Always use End screen on each video to keep the audience engaged on your channel. This helps viewers to engage on other content of your channel.

  1. Use Cards :

Cards are also extremely useful to suggest other content of your channel. Personally, I also have viewed YouTube analytics and was amazed at how important is it to use cards in the video.

  1. Perform Good SEO By Ranked Keywords :

You should research about the topic of the video that you are about to create. There are many SEO research tools you can use to find the best keyword for your video. You should also add proper description and tags to rank your video on search terms.

  1. Grow Community :

As you grow your channel, you should always analyze the analytics. Analytics helps you to decide what to do next and how to do it. Growing community and engaging audience is one of the best way to be ranking your videos on YouTube. You Always Use YouTube Studio to learn your audience and channel analytics. Because it will show you the real time analytics.

Easy Way To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time And 1000 Subscribers Quickly
Easy Way To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time And 1000 Subscribers Quickly 1 Get 4000 Hours Watch Time

4000 watch hours: these ideas you can get 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers quickly and genuinely. There are different techniques for monetizing youtube

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