6 Tips to Become a Successful YouTuber | Tips for YouTube Beginners

Tips to Become a Successful YouTuber

Hello Friend! If you want to create content and make money from YouTube, then this article is for you. You should do a few things to get more traffic and Subscribers on your YouTube channel to become a successful YouTuber.

In this article, I will show you a step by step method on how can you get started on YouTube. I will give you beginner tips and tricks on how to become a Successful YouTuber and earn money from it.

How can you start or what you have to do to grow your channels and get a lot of subscribers?

It’s very necessary to build your channel from the start and start to observe the famous YouTubers.

You may be curious about how to do it. Let’s get started.

1. Identify YouTube channel Name first :

YouTube channel starts with a name. Creating an account is just like a piece of cake, but you should choose a channel’s name more carefully. It may be somehow challenging.

When you are planning for the channel name, you should always try to create a unique name for the channel and create other social media accounts. The name not only should be unique or attractive, but you should also be able to create content related to your Channel’s name.

Think about the name of the channel that you are about to create by taking some time. You should also be careful whether you can create the same name on other social media accounts or not.

After identifying the name of the channel, you should also take time in creating the username of other social media accounts. This is very important. Some usernames are already taken so you should research about the availability of username.
For an Example If Your Channel Name is like YTBeginner, Then You have to check it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
You can check by simply inserting a channel’s name.

Example. https://www.facebook.com/ ”your channel name”
https://www.twitter.com/ytbeginner Etc.

You should always remember not to choose a name that you don’t have the right to use or that can mislead your viewers.

2. Create your content:

After successfully creating the name of your channel and username. You should focus on creating your content. At first, you should always create a video that tells “Who you are?” and “What type of topics do you create on that channel?”

Try to always create a video minimum of 5-8 minutes of length. Video of this length can deliver your message clearly without making your viewers feel bored.

If you want to monetize your videos, your videos should follow Advertiser-friendly content guidelines. If your videos don’t follow advertiser-friendly content guidelines your channel may be suspended and may be permanently banned from YouTube. Also, remember to create a genuine video about any topic without violating the rules of YouTube.

3. Use one main keyword in your video title:

This step is very important to rank your video in your search terms. You should first identify what type of content is searched by my viewers and who the viewers are.

You should use rank able tags, SEO description, SEO title to make your video rank on YouTube.

The keyword may differ from the type of contents. You should know that you are going to make a successful YouTube channel not only produce quality content but they focus on what people are searching and what they type for searching for any topic. You should also spend time to include the keywords in your video title to rank higher on youtube.

There are many tools for finding the best keyword for your YouTube video title. You can use Google Trends, YouTube Trends and YouTube search auto-suggest feature. By using these tools you can find proper keyword for your content.

4. Promote your channel:

You shouldn’t rely only on YouTube for reaching out to your viewers. There are other options.
You should also use other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to reach more viewers.
You should create a compelling thumbnail. Thumbnail is very essential when it’s time to promote your videos. Having an attractive, compelling, and easy to recognize thumbnail helps you get high Click-Through-Rate (CTR) on your videos.

You should also be careful not to create a thumbnail and title that is not relevant to your content. Avoid clickbait as it may mislead viewers. When your video doesn’t satisfy viewers, they won’t watch your video on next time you upload. Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) will be low and YouTube won’t boost your video. So you should always create a genuine and attractive thumbnail that only related to your video.

5. Increase your subscribers by creating High Quality and Engaging content:

You should always remember to create content to give maximum value to the viewers. When viewers like your videos they will watch it till the end and they will like and subscribe to your channel. When they don’t like, they will close or ignore your video. You should always focus on creating High-Quality content. To create high-quality content you shouldn’t have a fancy camera or a professional microphone. The content you upload on YouTube should worth high value. Always make a good plan in advance about the contents that you are going to create stay organized and do what you dreamt of.

You should create engaging videos. Keep your viewers interested and give them real value.

6. Understand who your competitors are and collaborate if possible:

If you want to survive in the long run, you should always consider collaborating with other creators. Always find new ideas that your competitors are unaware of. Find high ranking keywords that you can use which your competitors don’t use. You should also include them in your title and metadata.

• Create a suitable channel name to get started.
• Always optimize your titles for search terms
• Create a brand on YouTube and other social media
• Collaborate if necessary with established YouTubers
• Always create high-quality content
• Create engaging contents
• Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel
• Develop a community in comments and Q&A sites.
• Repeat

Remember: YouTube is a good platform if you can produce good video content to your audience. Best of Luck.

6 Tips to Become a Successful YouTuber | Tips for YouTube Beginners
6 Tips to Become a Successful YouTuber | Tips for YouTube Beginners 1 Tips to Become a Successful YouTuber

Tips to Become a Successful YouTuber Hello Friend! If you want to create content and make money from YouTube, then this article is for you. You should do a

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