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How to Choose a YouTube Channel Name?

YouTube Channel name is the official name of your YouTube channel where you upload your contents to share with the globe. If you do success on YouTube, people will know you by your YouTube channel name rather than your name.
Choosing the best name for your YouTube channel name is always hard for beginners. But, your channel name appears on your videos, your channel page, and in YouTube’s search results. So, it is important to represent your brand accurately. Below are some tips to choose a YouTube channel name. So, How do you pick a YouTube channel name? the Best 5 tips are given below which is also be helpful to your YouTube Video SEO

It should describe your category:

It depends on a lot of things, for example, what kind of content you plan on producing, who you are, and what you think sounds good. Your Youtube channel name should describe the category of your work. If you are starting a gaming channel then it should describe it. Don’t name your channel ‘ABC Vlogs’ if your channel is not about vlogging. Your channel can be about songs, vlog, dance, tutorial or anything, just name that is suitable for your channel.

Easy to remember:

When you choose a YouTube channel name, You should try to choose something that’s easy for people to remember. Click To Tweet Using familiar words is always a good strategy for easy names. If you are thinking of using a made-up word make sure it’s easy to remember.


It’s very important that your YouTube channel name should stand out from other YouTube channels Names. Before finalizing a YouTube channel username, check your lovely name into YouTube search engine and look what it shows. If you find another YouTube channel that has a similar Channel Name to yours then you should probably go with something else. Also, search it on Google, it helps you to avoid a collision that is similar to another brand. However, if you didn’t find any similar channels like yours, you’re good to go.

Don’t be specific for the YouTube channel name:

Remember again that channel name stays with you forever so keep in mind that, while you are sure that whatever you’ve got planned for doing, at some point you may always change direction. If I want to make gaming videos for PUBG and I call my channel AsisPUBGaming and if I decide to start making other gaming videos too then I don’t have much room for growth or change with that channel name. My YouTube channel name is going to look silly.My YouTube channel name is going to look silly Click To Tweet
So, always choose a broader name so that you can upgrade in the future. Maybe my username could be as “AsisGaming” and I could post a series of videos related to different games. Of course, that kind of name worked for me, but you got the idea. Make sure to give yourself space to grow.

Other Basic Tips to Pick a Good YouTube Channel Name:

These following tips are more important while you are going to pick a unique and memorable YouTube channel name.

Avoid Using Numbers on YouTube channel Name:

Using a number in your channel can make your name seem like auto-generated. It also makes your Channel Name harder to search and it’s difficult to remember.

Domain Name Availability:

As your channel grows, you’ll likely want to start building a brand off of YouTube. You may want to build a website for your YouTube channel. So, check whether it’s available or not. It should not be likely .com only, you can also choose .net, .org and many more.

Social Media Account Availability:

Check whether if your Channel username is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media. It is important to have social media account names that match your Channel username. From these accounts, you can bring traffic to your videos.

Use the name generating tools:

If you find difficulty in finding a name then you can get help from name generating tools online. There are many name generating tools you can find on the internet. “” is one of them.

Best YouTube name generator tools are Spinxo, Name Generator, Business Name Generator, Kparser Name Generator, and the final recommended one is Shopify Business Name Generator.

Do not use more than three words as your channel name. Make it as short as possible.

It should be easy to remember. Being unique doesn't matter what people talk about you. Click To Tweet

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