How to Get Suggested Views on YouTube | YouTube Recommended videos

How to Get Suggested Views on YouTube?

Top channels are getting millions of views in a month and also thousands of new subscribers. They are getting maximum views from the suggested video. Because they have awesome ideas to keep their videos on suggested with the YouTube algorithm.
How these suggested videos are working and how do you get more views to your video from the suggested feature? How do people will discover your content? I am going to give the best idea to get views from the suggested video. Let’s learn.

How does YouTube suggest a video?

  • First YouTube will Show up to the viewers from the same channel’s content if viewers love that channel. How YouTube will determine? Because of Watch time. If the viewer watches that one video properly or by interesting then the next video will show up on from the same channel. Because YouTube wants to show the videos that interested with the viewers. So Always make good video content at least make viewers watch up to 40-60% of total minutes. also, don’t make clickbait. Clickbait is one the reason to lose your video watch time and next time video will never show to others in the suggested video. Why clickbait loss your watch time on YouTube? I have been described on the next page.
  • When you upload your video YouTube will show up on suggested video to other little viewers and YouTube algorithm will analysis your video “What Content is clicking by viewers and what is ignoring.” If people are clicked on our video and they watch 40/60 % minutes of your video content duration or 100% watch. Then the YouTube algorithm will start boosting your video to others by suggested content on watch next. But if people click your content if immediately they ignore your video and if they watch another at the same time then your video will go to be down.  So make good content and don’t give them a chance to ignore your video. When they click your video let them watch full or 40/60 % minute of your content duration time. If you don’t have good content just make first 3/4 minutes is awesome.
  • YouTube display videos with a similar title and keyword. For example, if you are creating a video with the title of, “How to make YouTube video viral”  then if the title matches with other channel’s video then your video will show up them. But remember to make your content better than other people will share your content and your content is going to be viral. Make your content better than other competitor and add similar title and tags with their videos. Also, write a nice description by combining the same tags used.
  • Do not share your video with your Facebook friend. Why I am saying this? Because your friend will never watch your video full they will watch little because they are not interested in the title of your content. For example, if your friend is interested to watch the movie and if you are telling him to watch and give like the comment then he will click your video and he will give you like, comment and he will leave from your video. It will show to YouTube algorithm that your video is ignoring from people because of watch time. Your friend didn’t watch your full or 40/60 % of your video duration.
  • Use keyword related to your title by searching on YouTube and Google.  And don’t use many keywords uses 7/8 maximum keywords but an only nice one.
  • Always try to create your own keyword. That makes your video content great. If you make your own keyword then people will use your keyword to rank their video with you then your videos will probably be going to be rank with their video by suggested.
  • Per day check your YouTube analytics and find out from what video, your subscriber is leaving your channel. If you find many subscribers are leaving from you, then immediately make private to that video. Because of its effect on your good video. But don’t delete because it loses your channel watch time and total views and SEO.
  • Always make a combination with the friend and share each other knowledge.

Thanks for reading guys. Share this content on your social media to help your friend. If you help your friend,  also they will help you.

How to Get Suggested Views on YouTube | YouTube Recommended videos
How to Get Suggested Views on YouTube | YouTube Recommended videos 1 How to Get Suggested Views on YouTube

By the suggested/recommanded help you to booost your video in large number of audience. To get views by suggested, you have to do Optimize your video in SEO. Title, description and keywords are the most important factor to get suggested views on youtube.

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