YouTube SEO : Easy Ways to Rank Higher on YouTube 2019

YouTube Keyword Research

The keyword is one of the most important things to rank higher on Youtube. I have explained below all the ways to rank higher on youtube by keyword research and more tips for your Channel and also to optimize your video on Search Engine. which is called YouTube SEO

First, Try To Gather All Related Keywords.

Your first step is to gather a big list of potential keywords for your video. Use YouTube’s Search Suggest feature to get a detailed overview of related keywords. All you need to do is go to YouTube and pop in a word or phrase to check the most popular keywords. You will be able to get many related keywords you just typed in. All these suggested keywords are great because that is the keyword that is actually typed into YouTube.

related keyword for youtube video
Best And Easy Way To Find Related Keyword To Your Videos

You can see in this image that I have typed “How to find Youtube Keyword” it will show all the related keyword at a time. it’s very easy to find Related keyword for your video channel. You don’t need to worry to find the related keywords. After entering a keyword for the search you should click on one video. See which keywords that video is optimized for. This is very easy. See the keyword inside video tags, video description and video title. You can use VidIQ Chrome extension to find the tags of the YouTube video.

* Choose The Best Keywords.

Now you have to choose the best keywords from the list among all the keywords. Low competition keyword is very handy if your subscribers are less. You should always keep in mind that high competition keyword is always good for established YouTubers.

Publish a High-Retention Video

YouTube will always rank your video if your video keeps people engaged on YouTube. High-Retention Videos doesn’t require an expensive camera or microphones. The thing is your video should have quality content and video shouldn’t be boring.

5 Others Important Tips For YouTube Ranking Factors: 

ranking video on social media is not so difficult nowadays. a lot of peoples are using internet and quality content always help you to rank your videos fast because of sharing. you can read to engage your audience

* Video Comments

Always read your video’s comment and reply to them. It’s one of the best engagement ways to grow your YouTube channel fast. many creators actually they don’t reply with a comment to their audience. But you should always reply to them.

Do you know what happened after replied their comment? YouTube will send a notification to them then they will click on that notification. Lateral when you upload your next video, it will be shown on their YouTube timeline. it’s mean you will get more views from browser feature. it’s a fact also a legal way to engage the audience to your channel. believe me, it’s my own experience.

YouTube will assume that people enjoyed your video if you get comments on your videos.

So you should always encourage viewers to comment on your videos. If they comment you should also reply to them.

why should you reply comment on youtube
Always read your video’s comment and reply to them.

* “Subscribes” After Watching a Video :

If anyone subscribes to your channel after watching your video, YouTube assumes your video is great.

You should always consider requesting to subscribe to your channel in your video. If they subscribe you got it right. Your video is in the way to be ranked.

People don’t share boring videos, so it strongly suggests YouTube that your video is a masterpiece. So, YouTube will boost your video.

* Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Which video do viewers click when they search for your keyword? Do they click your video?

YouTube cares about this behavior very much. The percentage your video gets a view when viewers search for any keyword is Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

If your video gets more clicks from YouTube searchers, YouTube will boost your video.

YouTube Video Optimization

Following methods are are common but most important to use by proper way.

* SPEAK Your Target Keyword

Now YouTube can transcribe your video automatically. When you speak the keyword in your video YouTube will understand that your video is all about that topic. So they will boost your video among other competitors.

You should also use your keyword at the beginning of your title.

* Description

Description of video is very important as it helps YouTube and Google understand the content of your video. YouTube cannot scan your entire video and know your content. So, it is very essential to add a suitable description in your video. You should also use keywords 2-4 times in your video.

Here are the best practices for the description of your video:

  • Include your keyword in the first 25 words
  • Make the description at least 250 words
  • Include your keyword 2-4 times

If you add SEO-Friendly-Description YouTube and Google will understand the content of your video and pop your video to the people that are actually searching that content. This also indirectly increase the CTR of your video.

* Tags

Tags are not super important but that helps to rank your videos.

In short: Tags help to add a few alternative keywords to rank your video in those tags. Tags also help to show your video in the sidebar related videos.

Step #4: Promote Your Video

Besides all those tips you should also promote your video on other sites. Embed your videos on your blog. Post the link of your video on discussion forums and other Q&A sites. This helps to get thousands of extra views every month.

* Use Playlists

You can use playlists to keep similar videos in one category. Playlists play all videos automatically. If you have playlists, you can get many views every month.


Hope This Article Will Help You To Rank Your YouTube Channel Fast.

YouTube SEO : Easy Ways to Rank Higher on YouTube 2019
YouTube SEO : Easy Ways to Rank Higher on YouTube 2019 1 rank higher on youtube

YouTube Keyword Research The keyword is one of the most important things to rank higher on Youtube. I have explained below all the ways to rank higher on y

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