YouTube SEO 2019: How to Rank Your YouTube Videos

YouTube SEO :

How to Rank YouTube Videos 2019

Hello Friends, today I am going to tell you about YouTube SEO. YouTube SEO Tips is most important to your video, that’s why I am going to be shared with you some interesting tips, which can increase your YouTube video views, and you will get traffic more.

You will know about YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and at least 30 million people visit it every day.

By the following these tips, you can get lots of traffic from YouTube, whenever you upload a video for traffic then you will need YouTube SEO tips to monetize your video.

Since you cannot get a good result just by uploading a video, you will have to do video search engine optimization. Today I am going to share that secret with you so that you can get many views on your video.

1. Find The Best Tags For Youtube Videos

Whenever you are thinking of creating any video, first of all, you see that the keyword on which you are starting to work also traffic on that keyword. Because if you make any video and if there is no traffic on that keyword, then you also have to do SEO on the video. So whenever you make a video, then you first checked the searches.

2. Create Unique Video

The Video is the most important thing for YouTube SEO because the articles we are getting are studying to increase the video ranking.

So whenever you make a video, keep the quality as good for the viewer then viewer loves your video, and they share it.

YouTube SEO 2019: How to Rank Your YouTube Videos 4 YouTube SEO

Make your video at least 3 to 5 minutes and do not overuse the other things, just provide only useful information.

3. Write Description Of The Video

YouTube Video Description is next important Because Google and YouTube cannot read the video right now, it brings your video rankings by reading your title and description.

I have given some tips for you that you should use in the description.

If you link to your video on the website with the description, it will help you to get traffic on your site, and you will also get a good CTR.

  • Put your Keyword in at least 25 words.
  • Add your description to 250 to 300 words.
  • Use your keyword 3-4 times while writing the description.
  • SEO-Optimization description will help Google and YouTube to explain what about your video?

4. Title of the Video – Use keywords 

The Most Important Factor for YouTube SEO is Title of the video. Because whenever the user searches any words on youtube, the YouTube algorithm will show the result by keywords. And if you mentioned a good keyword in the title then the result will be shown also with your video.  So what do you do? whenever you upload a video, write the good keyword in the title but do not write the title too short and too long.

YouTube SEO 2019: How to Rank Your YouTube Videos 5 YouTube SEO

5: Use Best Tags For Youtube Videos

Tags are not so much important but to be seen, tags are important for video ranks. You can use tags when you are Going to upload your video. You can use the related tags from your video.

For example, If your video is related to YouTube SEO Tips, then you can use some of such tags in it.

  1. YouTube SEO tools
  2. YouTube tools for SEO 2018
  3. Tips for YouTube SEO
  4. YouTube SEO tags
  5. Best tags for YouTube videos
  6. YouTube SEO course etc.

Targeted tags will not only help you rank your video but whenever someone is viewing a video on youtube, its sidebar area will show it to your video.

6. Change The Video File’s Title With Keywords

Changing the video file’s is the most important thing that we all forget.

Whenever you create a video, you do not change its name and your video name is something like this:

 OLD Video00123.avi, SEO5392.mp4, New Video00213 etc. 

That is negative SEO for your video, then what is it? If you make ready your video, then before uploading it, change the name of the file then change it with a keyword. For Example, if your video is about SEO Tips, then Rename the file’s name to “Best SEO Tips For YouTube Video.mp4” etc.

How to Find YouTube Video Keywords?

This is another good question that we search by saying the keyword for our video?

For example, search this “how to increase subscribers,” Google automatically puts a lot of keywords in front of you, you can see the screenshot below.

YouTube SEO 2019: How to Rank Your YouTube Videos 6 YouTube SEO

Well, there are lots of free tools from where you can do keyword research for your video.

Then select a good keyword that has more searches.

7. Share Your Video On All Social Media Platform

Social signal is the fastest YouTube SEO formula to bring your video to Google on the first page. You can share your video wherever you can and want to share it.

Best Social media photos

Facebook, twitter, messenger, Google+, Blogger, Tumblr – Share where you can share.

8. Adding Videos To Your Blog

You can embed the code on your blog by embedding your video. If there is great traffic on your blog and there is a video on your post then the visitor will stay on your site for a long time and will watch your video from your blog, which will increase your views and your income/bounce rate will also be good.

embed video on blog by polylearnsupport

9. Increase Like, Comment, Share And Subscribe

Whenever you upload a new video, you can speak to your friends that they like to comment and share on your video.

This will increase some views on your video. And when Google will see that the audience is giving like in this video then Google’s eyes will become a value of your video. If your video is good, then any audience will automatically comment on your video.

Social media like,comment and share

I hope, now your videos go to be viral, and you will get a lot of views and subscribers. Stay with us, Stay reading and stay being unique in your career. God bless you.


YouTube SEO 2019: How to Rank Your YouTube Videos
YouTube SEO 2019: How to Rank Your YouTube Videos 7 YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO : How to Rank YouTube Videos 2019 Hello Friends, today I am going to tell you about YouTube SEO. YouTube SEO Tips is most important to your vid

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