How to Start a Professional Blog by Installing WordPress?

How to Start a Professional Blog by Installing WordPress?

Hello, Guys Welcome to YTBeginner. Today in this article we will learn Completely to Start a Professional blog by installing WordPress. You will learn too many tips to install WordPress and get started with a professional blogger.

In this blog, all the contents are published by filtering from my experience only.

On google, you may find a lot of links of the method to start a blog. But in this article, you will also learn everything to be careful before you choose to be a professional blogger.

Before you start a blog, you should have to care about so many things. don’t start a blog without getting any ideas. Don’t buy any domain names or hosting plan before you getting the pieces of knowledge. believe me, without getting the knowledge you will be failed many times on it. If you become failed your money, work and time will be wasted.

So, what should you do before you buy a domain and hosting plan?

Let’s learn everything Step by step.

1. You have to think about you to start a blog

Yeah, at first you should have to think about you, your passion. what kind of passion do you have? can you work continue on the blog? do you have a passion to be a professional blogger? or you just starting a blog by looking at others?

You have to think about it too many times before you buying a domain and hosting plan. Because it takes costs and if you don’t have any passion to be a professional blogger then your money will be wasted. So, if you are just trying to be a blogger and if you don’t have any passion for it, simply you can go to and create a free simple blog without wasting money. we will talk on the next page that how to start a blog with blogger for beginners.

2. You have to think about your knowledge to start a professional blog

On second points, you have to think about what kind of knowledge do you have? without knowledge, you can’t be continued in the blogging field. You have to publish helpful contents for your readers. you can’t copy-paste or rewrite any others contents in your blog.

100% unique content you should have to publish in your blog. If you don’t have any knowledge then, you have to pick any one niche category and learn about it. It may take a few months to get experience from there. After you getting knowledge on that category then you can start to share your experience in your blog.

3. What kind of blog are you going to start?

Point number 2 and this point number 3 are like same. what kind of category knowledge do you have? you should have to create a blog on the same category. if you have pieces of knowledge about many things then you should have to buy a domain name like a branded company name. such as Wikipedia, Google, etc. Then, you can make your blog as a multi-category website. But you have knowledge about a few categories then, you have to pick one category and make a niche blog on that category.

I recommend you to make only a niche blog website.

4. You have to think about the best hosting provider

There are many hosting providers on the internet. You can choose any hosting provider but the best hosting provider is more important to establish a website. the good hosting provider will help you to rank fast your blog. but the bad hosting provider will make you hang up to continue a blog. if you choose a bad hosting provider then your website becomes too slow and your readers will be left from your blog.

if visitor left from your blog it will give a negative result for SEO. you will never get a visitor and you can’t continue to work on your website.

I recommended anyone from this list.  Bluehost, Inmotion hosting, GoDaddy, HostGator, Hostinger, Siteground, Weebly, Wix Web, Tso host.

5. Choose the best domain name related to a niche

A domain name is the most important things to think before you buy a domain name. You Have to buy a domain related to your content category that what kind of content do you publish later on your blog. Contents related domain name the best way to rank a website fast. Google will show up your domain to others related to your content and you will get huge traffic within 3 months.

Meaning of Niche domain names like an inbuilt SEO. Your domain name should be a unique Name. You Can’t buy a domain name if that domain is already registered. and another thing is you can’t buy a domain name related to an others company website.

Remember Your domain name should be less than 15 letters. You can choose Name mesh to generate an SEO Domain name with a niche category. Name mesh is the best tool to generate a unique SEO domain.

How to Install WordPress?

I don’t know what type of hosting you are using. It might be the same process on any hosting provider. In this article, I will show installing WordPress with GoDaddy hosting.

At first, go to and enter your user name and password to sign in to your account.

Login with Godaddy account
login with GoDaddy

Or, if you are already logged in then click on the top right of the page (Profile icon)

Then Click on My Products

Godaddy my product
Click on my product GoDaddy

After clicking on My Products, you will see your hosting plan name then click on the manage button

godaddy manage account
Click on Manage Icon

Now the next page will be opened. Click on the cPanel Admin Button

How to Start a Professional Blog by Installing WordPress? 1 professional blog
Cpanel login GoDaddy

Now you will be redirected to cPanel Hosting Dashboard. Click on the Search box and type WordPress.

Under the Web Applications.

Click on WordPress Logo

Install wordpress on godaddy capnel
GoDaddy Search WordPress

Now Click on the Install This Application button.

install this software godaddy
install WordPress

Fill the domain box with your domain name. if already have to show your domain name then go down under the setting and Fill the boxes manually. (it is most important. Fill with being careful)

  • Administrator username
  • Administrator Password
  • Administrator Email
  • Website Title
  • Website Tagline
Administratior on Godaddy
WordPress installation tutorial

Then go down and click on Install Button.

Now Installing process will start automatically. Just wait for a few seconds to complete the installation process.

Install WOrdpress on Godaddy
Click on Install

After installation completed.

Open a new tab on the browser and type your domain name /wp-admin and press enter to access your website.

Example:  www.yourdomainname/wp-admin

wp-admin login platform
type to log in your website

Enter the Administrator user name and password you used before installing WordPress on cPanel.

Then click on the login button.

Now, you will be logged in to WordPress site and it will show you Get Started Quickly with WordPress

Get Started quickly with wordpress
click on no thanks for Get Started quickly with WordPress

Click on No Thanks to configure manually your website.

Or, if you don’t want to configure manually click on the Start Wizard button.

I recommend you to click on No Thanks to configure manually.

After clicking on No Thanks. A small popup will be opened and ask you.

Are you sure you want to exit configure WordPress on your own?

Click on the Ok button.

Now you will be redirected to your site Dashboard.

Congratulations! Your WordPress is now successfully installed.

Now you can read our next articles to properly configure WordPress website.

How to Start a Professional Blog by Installing WordPress?
How to Start a Professional Blog by Installing WordPress? 2 professional blog

How to Start a Professional Blog by Installing WordPress? Hello, Guys Welcome to YTBeginner. Today in this article we will learn Completely to Start a Prof

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