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Tips for Starting a New YouTube Channel

YouTube is a platform for all the creative, skilled and interesting people where you can show your talents. If you want to start your YouTube channel to show your creation throughout the globe, but you lack steps and tips for starting a YouTube channel then we’ll give you some ideas that can be helpful for you to become popular on YouTube.

Let, Start from a New YouTube Channel.

1. Creating a channel:

To start a channel you should have a Google account. If you don’t then you sign up first.

Google Sign in
Login With Your Google Account

After that, sign in to YouTube using your Google account and then click on your profile icon on the top right-hand side

Sign up on Youtube
Create a New YouTube Chanel

and click on the creator’s studio icon. After that, you will be asked to create a channel,

create a youtube channel
Type Your Channel Name And Click on Create Channel

Click on the “create channel” button to create your channel.

Congratulations. You have been successful to create your youtube channel. Now for Uploading your video on your channel, you have to think about given below.

Now It’s Time to upload a Good Looking Channel art and Logo. If You Are creating your channel by your name then, Simply you can upload your image as a logo If not, make it related to your brand name then upload. Next, Why do you need a good looking channel art? You can read below on step-2.

2. Good looking channel art:

You should have a nice looking channel art for your channel. You use easy tools instead of other heavy software otherwise creating channel art will consume a lot of your time and you should be skilled to use professional software. You can use a free “YouTube Banner Maker” to create a channel art. You can use other online software as well.

Remember while creating a Channel art You have to make on actual size. The Best Size For Channel Art is 2560 Pixels Width by x 1440 Pixels Height and The Best Size For YouTube Logo is 800 pixels Width by x 800 pixels Height.

You Can Free Download this PSD File for Your YouTube Channel Art.

Download PSD Chanel ArtFile
If You Like this channel art You Can Download PSD file

Click here to Free DOWNLOAD PSD Channel Art file. It doesn’t need Photoshop to edit this file. You Can simply go to Photopea then Upload this PSD file and edit it. It will be very simple for you to create a good Channel art also you can customize it in your choice. I just made it simple for you.

3. Selecting Category:

It can never be stated better than ‘follow your passion’ but hear this out, Its YouTube and it starts with ‘YOU’ so don’t start doing things which don’t interest you. Your creativity and productivity increases when you enjoy doing your work. So, select a category you are interested in, you may be a good singer, dancer, musician, adventurer and many more. Select your category and make videos on that same category only, so your subscribers do not get confused about your niche.
Note: – Make sure your channel name represents your channel’s category.

4. Equipment:

Your equipment is your key to success but does not invest much in your gears, in the beginning, this will help you keep focused on your content. Try making some videos and then see what gear you want for your videos. Always grow slowly, do not dive right into it. Buy budget gears only.

then you can create contents and you can upload on YouTube. after uploading successfully you have to think about to increase views to your video. to increase views, you have to follow given tips on below.

5. Good thumbnails:

Don’t misunderstand clickable thumbnail with a clickbait thumbnail. Create a clickable thumbnail using a free thumbnail maker for YouTube. Make good and clean thumbnails without violating YouTube policies. Click bait attracts people easily but don’t false clickbait and don’t OVER clickbait. Just add a bit to the picture to make it really eye-catching.  The Best YouTube Thumbnail size is 1280 pixels width by 720 pixels height. (1280 X 720 PX)

You Can Use Mobile App. PixelLab to make a Nice YouTube thumbnail or Online photoshop Photopea.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO inherits a value for your video’s visibility. Your content may be creative, unique and is higher in quality than other but, if you missed the use of the good descriptive title, relevant keyword tags, and a good thumbnail, it is likely that it might not gain relevant viewership. So, before starting your YouTube channel, get good knowledge about SEO and utilize it.

7. Be Consistent:

Do not post content every day on YouTube. If you hurry uploading video, it messes up your video quality trying to produce more content. Always remember that people want to watch only quality videos. But you should make a schedule, like posting once or twice in a week. People always appreciate sincerity and dedication to be consistent and regular on YouTube.

Bonus Tips:

If you’ve stuck getting views, try to be active on where you push your videos. Try targeting an audience with an interest in your video type. This idea works better than trying to appeal to a general audience, so you might find better results promoting on Facebook or a forum about the same topic of yours. Also always set up your individual channel settings so if one video becomes popular visitors can easily find related videos you’ve created.

7 Tips for Starting a New YouTube Channel | YouTube Pro Tips For Beginners
7 Tips for Starting a New YouTube Channel | YouTube Pro Tips For Beginners 1 YouTube

Tips for Starting a New YouTube Channel YouTube is a platform for all the creative, skilled and interesting people where you can show your talents. If you

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